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DEEP Seeker is the Professional Geo-locator Long Range Metal Detector – Underground Depth Scanner & Distance Targeting – Find Gold, Silver, Coins, Jewellery, Cavity, Larger Treasure

Deep Seeker is the first device in the world with five integrated search systems to detect gold treasures, antiquities, and precious metals.

Superior deep seeking technology lets you become your own archaeologist and treasure hunter!


DEEP SEEKER operates on five different search systems in one device:

First: Ionic fields search system.

Second: Magnetic metals search system.

Third: cavity detection system.

Fourth: 3D imaging system.

Fifth: Long range system.

This Deep Seeking Detector will locate metals and targets to 40 meters.

Possibility of identifying the target depth underground

Distance up to 3,000 meters with the possibility of determining the Front Range.

  • DEEP SEEKER allows users to operate two control systems: touch system and keyboard system.
  • Users can choose the type of soil in the search area: (natural – clay – rock – sand – mixed – or metal) to obtain more accurate results.
  • Determine the metal to be searched for.
  • The device works in six languages -Spanish -German -English -French -Italian -Arabic.


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