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a new special gold & metal detection device with best new technologies and a lot of features in easy to use the device: GREAT 5000

Great 5000 device to explore precious metals and treasures to discover targets in the ground to a depth of 50 meters

GREAT 5000 gold & metal detector is all in one device to detect various types of underground objects like gold minerals, gold treasures, precious metals, diamonds and gemstones, and voids and cavity.

The device brings you the best price and free shipping service to all countries

From Golden Detector company for gold and metal detectors.

The systems the device is running on

  • System 1: The long-range ion system
  • System 2: the electromagnetic system
  • System 3: Ground Scan System (3D)
  • System 4: The system for distinguishing minerals
  • System 5: direct horizontal imaging system
  • System 6: direct vertical imaging system

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GREAT 5000 gold & metal detector is available now with free shipping worldwide via DHL.

Contact us to know the price, payment methods, and shipping details

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